Mosquito Season is here!

Here they come... Are you prepared?

Spring is here… which means mosquitos are going to take over your yard. The visions of fun in the sun will be replaced with itching and swatting. The most invasive culprit in Virginia is the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

The Tiger Mosquito gets its name due to the white strip down the center of its head and back. They can reproduce at an alarming rate of up to 400 in just as little as 14 days. WOW….  that’s a lot of extra guests at your next family cookout.


  1. They mainly bite during the day from sun-up to sundown
  2. Like most mosquito species, only the females take a blood meal as they need blood to reproduce…. YUKE!
  3. She lays her eggs in man-made containers around your home and in low lining areas in your yard.
  4. They are not strong flyers and are typically found close to their breeding sites.
  5. The average life span of an adult mosquito is about 3 -4 weeks.
  6. Mosquitos are one of the most dangerous species as they have the ability to transmit diseases.
  7. Tiger mosquitos feed off plant nectar and roost on the underside of leaves and bushes.


Below are some at-home tricks you can do to limit the mosquito population around your home:

  • Throw away any unused containers that hold water around your home such as buckets, children's toys, tires, building materials, etc.
  • Eliminate any standing water in landscaping areas around your home.
  • Empty birdbaths regularly.
  • Clean gutters of any debris which can cause standing water.
  • Make sure there are drain holes in the bottom of your plant boxes and holders.
  • Inspect sprinkler and irrigation systems for any leaks.