Hidden Termite Damage – What a Termite Swarm Might Be Telling You.

Okay… this cartoon termite is cute…. but in reality, the damage termites cause is far from cute. Now, this is going to sound crazy but if you noticed a swarm, you might be one of the lucky ones. No, I haven’t gone crazy…. Who in their right mind would consider themselves lucky to have a termite swarm, right? Well, the positive side of noticing a swarm is you might have found them early enough before they can do significant damage.

The following images show what an undetected termite colony can do to your home behind the walls.  This kind of damage can become structural and have a major financial impact on your life.


Why do termites swarm?

The sole purpose of a termite swarm is to reproduce and expand its colony. In Virginia, termite swarms typically occur in early spring and last until late May. As the exiting termite colony matures, it becomes overcrowded, and expansion is needed. The reproductives (swarmers) take flight in large numbers and then drop their wings after the fight, never to fly again. After shedding their wings, the termites mate and then seek out sites to start their new colony. Witnessing a termite swarm can be very intimidating and at times, frightening as a swarm can contain thousands of flying termites.

What about the damage?

Back to my crazy statement as to why you might be lucky to see the swarm.

The reproductives (swarmers) do not do any damage to your home. Their sole purpose is to reproduce and lay eggs. The damage is done by the workers and soldiers in the colony, pictured to the right. The workers and soldiers work behind the scenes and usually go undetected until damage is discovered. The severity of the damage depends on how long they have been there. Typically, it takes up to 5 years of colony development before they begin to damage a structure and develop swarmers of their own.

What can I do?

So…. Though it is never good to have a swarm, you may be lucky to notice them early enough before the colony grows to significant levels and performs extensive damage.

The greatest defense against termite infestations and damage is to have a protection program in place. Bait systems and liquid treatments are the 2 forms of recommended coverage options. Annual inspections are a major part of identifying conducive conditions related to termite colonies and damage.

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